Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Driving Tips for Your Safety

The spring may be just around the corner but it does not mean that there is no reason to worry about winter. Sometimes, the last days and weeks of winter are the most damaging for snowfall may really be heavy. During these times, the government warns the people of the possible dangers of the winter season, especially for those who travel.

Driving in times of heavy snowfall can really be dangerous. Given the drastic effects of climate change, the summer has become hotter, storms have become more violent and devastating, and snow is falling harder during times when one least expects it. That is why you should be able to arm yourself with the right knowledge on how you can deal with the worst that the weather has to offer. While things may have become more difficult to deal with now, here are some good old winter driving tips that may help you in dealing with the cold and harsh weather conditions now. 

Be safe. Wear your seatbelt at all times, drive slowly, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, and anticipate possible conditions on the road. Additionally, if your vehicle is equipped with a four wheel drive system, make sure that it is engaged. Practicing these safe driving habits can make a world of difference and keep your car in a good condition and you safe from accidents.
Be conspicuous. In the winter where visibility is a challenge, being seen will keep you from being rear ended by another car. Turn your headlamps and clearance lamps on. Also, turn on your hazard lights and fog lamps. That way, you can better avoid accidents during these times of such crazy weather conditions.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valuable Tips for a Safer Home

Home is where the heart really is. This is where you go home to after a hard day’s work. This is where you lounge around with your kids or loved ones in your days off. Your house is your own little piece of heaven.

Sometimes though, an accident can happen even when you are just at home. Most of the time, it does happen because of one’s neglect. This doesn’t mean though that you can’t minimize the chances of such incident happening to you.

As such, avoid accidents in your household and keep them guests safe just by following these very simple tips:

  • Clear up the stairs and walkways. Get debris and clutter out now. That way, you can avoid your guests from tripping and falling off.
  • Keep kids from toppling down stairs. Have gates that lock to prevent your young kids from falling off the stairs, injuring themselves in the process.
  • Sort up the cords. Children can get real rowdy at times. Make sure to tie up that drapery or blind cords. This prevents kids from accidentally strangling themselves or getting tripped.
  • Set up a child-friendly home. Remove the items that could pose danger for the kids. This way, if you have a kid or have young guests, they can be spared from getting hurt because of these nasty accidents. Keep those choking hazards away, too.
  • Place markers on glass doors. Ever seen gag shows where people accidentally walk into and get themselves hurt because of glass doors? It’s funny in the movies and television, but when it comes to you, your loved ones and guests, it can get really painful.
  • Keep the doors locked. Have those doors leading to the garage, cellar, or outside locked. This will prevent the kids from wandering about in places that they should not be without a grown-up accompanying them.
  • Go for lever-type handles. These are perfect for kids and people that are impaired. These are way easier to operate so kids and people with issues on gripping can open the doors effortlessly.
  • Eliminate sharp corners. Whether its kids or grown-ups, people get bruised and hurt because of sharp edges and objects at home. Keep them at a minimum. Have a more round-designed motif or put padding or bumpers to pointed parts to prevent hurting yourself and others while inside your home.