Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting on the Other Side of the Road, Safely

A pedestrian faces a lot of dangers while walking on the road. Every year, thousands of pedestrians get injured due to these road accidents. Some injuries are very minor while others are life threatening. If you’re unlucky enough, you may not see another day. However a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer says that you can do something to minimize the chances of, if not totally avoiding getting involved in accidents in most of these occasions. Question that pops to one’s mind is how? How can one dodge the dangers of walking on the side of the road?

Here are some of the best practices for pedestrians to avoid getting injured or die because of an accident.

-          Obey traffic rules and signs at all times. This is the root of all evil. Road rules and signs are there for a reason. Why would the government put up all of these expensive road signs, right? However, some ignorant or impatient people would go and risk their very lives just for fake convenience. These very people are the ones with the most chances of figuring in an accident. So the best way to keep yourself safe? Adhere to what these signs are saying.

-          Cross only on crosswalks. Pedestrian crosswalks are where people should really cross. However, some people think that crosswalks are too far for them to go to. They feel that it is a waste of energy and time to go and find the nearest crosswalk than just simply cross the road. Because of these, people get struck by cars that get them hurt. Make it a practice to cross only on crosswalks. You don’t only get exercise for taking some extra steps to get to the crosswalk, you also lessen your chances of getting run over by a vehicle.

-          Distracted walking. Who says that only drivers are not allowed to send text messages or call? Pedestrians should also be attentive at all times so they can see or hear possible hazards on the road. So make sure to keep that mobile phone or tablet in your pocket to avoid accidents.

Roads are dangerous as it is. You will never know when a wayward car driven by an irresponsible driver would hit you. That is why make sure that you do everything you can to increase your safety and minimize the chances of you getting on the headlines for being in a road accident.

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