Monday, February 24, 2014

New LED Streetlamps Make Los Angeles Roads Safer and Look Better Too

Light Emitting Diodes have been making waves in many industries lately. A lot of homes now use LED lights for their lighting needs. Gadgets now are equipped with energy saving LEDs. Today, more and more carmakers are equipping their vehicles of LED daytime running lights that cam make a vehicle more conspicuous to other motorists and pedestrians that they are sharing the road with. Also recently, car makers are equipping their vehicle with bright LED headlamps and fog lamps. More than being able to give off a brighter light, these lamps are also more durable, and consume less electricity. Such technologies have significantly helping in improving traffic safety on American roads.

Light of the Future 

Seeing the LED’s potential, more and more states are slowly replacing their high-pressure sodium streetlights to more advanced LED streetlamps. The City of Los Angeles, one of the first cities to make such shift and the results are great. Such lighting technology increases road safety, key to cutting down motor vehicle accidents in the area. Because of its cost effectiveness, more and more areas can be lit, lessening the likelihood of road accidents due to poor lighting. Moreover, pedestrians can also see hazards that could save them from slip-and-fall accidents.

Perfect Change for Cinemas

The new urban color scheme brought about by LED streetlamps is a great development especially for movie makers. In the age of digital filmmaking, this new lighting dramatically changes how the city and the streets are seen on cameras. This is a welcome development since lighting is one of the major challenges in filmmaking. With this change, experts believe that the city of Los Angeles, and soon the entire America will be seen differently in movies.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Reckless Driving Resulting in Pedestrian Accidents

Reckless Driving Resulting in Pedestrian Accidents

Counties, cities, and local communities in the State of California always find ways to make the roadways better for all motorists and pedestrians. Despite the construction efforts, accidents involving pedestrians continue to happen, resulting in either serious injuries or deaths. Whether it is the driver’s fault due to his or her inattentiveness, or the pedestrian’s fault because of his or her failure to observe, there are a lot of factors that may definitely cause an accident.

As it is, pedestrians are one of the many road users that are vulnerable to road accidents and have higher chances of getting seriously injured or killed. To begin with, there is nothing for them to absorb the impact of vehicle. Also, in these unfortunate incidents, motorists often fail to recognize the fact that pedestrians always have the right of way; when a person decides to cross the street on a designated crosswalk, the driver must stop right away to allow that person to get to the other side.