Friday, February 7, 2014

Reckless Driving Resulting in Pedestrian Accidents

Reckless Driving Resulting in Pedestrian Accidents

Counties, cities, and local communities in the State of California always find ways to make the roadways better for all motorists and pedestrians. Despite the construction efforts, accidents involving pedestrians continue to happen, resulting in either serious injuries or deaths. Whether it is the driver’s fault due to his or her inattentiveness, or the pedestrian’s fault because of his or her failure to observe, there are a lot of factors that may definitely cause an accident.

As it is, pedestrians are one of the many road users that are vulnerable to road accidents and have higher chances of getting seriously injured or killed. To begin with, there is nothing for them to absorb the impact of vehicle. Also, in these unfortunate incidents, motorists often fail to recognize the fact that pedestrians always have the right of way; when a person decides to cross the street on a designated crosswalk, the driver must stop right away to allow that person to get to the other side.

Most pedestrian accidents are merely accidents; they can be truly prevented. But there are other similar incidents wherein the drivers involved are too reckless that they have no regard for other people’s lives and property. An example of such happened in the evening of February 4 in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, and it killed a 19-year-old individual who was exiting his vehicle.

According to police, the victim, identified as Jerry Arredondo, was struck by a fast-moving black 2013 Chevy Camaro, which was moving at around 80-100 mph. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Initial police investigations revealed that he was thrown up 20 feet in the air and hit a tree 40 feet from the point of impact of the collision. The carnage didn’t stop there, as the wayward driver continued on with his reckless driving rampage, damaging at least 7 vehicles and injuring an unidentified woman. The driver later abandoned the Camaro and went after a silver-colored BMW. He fled the scene and is yet to be captured by law enforcement.

This is clearly a case of an accident with reckless intent on the part of the vehicle driver. In such unfortunate circumstances, the families of victims who were killed can always seek justice from the negligent and reckless perpetrators. It would be advisable for them to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles who specializes in wrongful death cases.


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