Friday, May 25, 2012

A Case of Slip and Fall and it Corresponding Consequences

Slip and Fall

Accidents were called as such because they happen unexpectedly. However, if the “accident” happened because of the negligence of another person, then it would be justifiable if that individual takes responsibility for the damages that the event has brought. This means that the liable party would pay for anything that was destroyed including the hospitalization of the victims. The one accountable for the mishap is tasked to shoulder such things since the tort laws require that person to do so.

One example of a mishap caused by the carelessness of others is the case of Monika Leiterman of Covina California. The 58-year-old victim had lunch at an Industry Costco store where she afterwards slipped because of a puddle of liquid soap. It broke her patella and in turn, Leiterman’s surgeon had to wire her kneecap back. According to reports, it would take two more operations just to heal the injury.

Leiterman’s case is categorized under slip and fall injury. The jury in turn granted her with at total of $415,000 after she won the case. Similar cases could also be filed in court as complaints against reckless establishments, which are not well maintained enough to promote customer safety. 

Most of the time accidents take place in areas where there are a lot of people such as the state of California or the city Los Angeles to be exact. An adept lawyer could explain to those who may inquire that the puddle in Leiterman’s case is considered as a “dangerous condition”. The people during the time of the accident were not aware that there is an impending hazard just waiting to devour them. In addition, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can also explain the following in its simples terms to their clients. 

  • The possible dangerous condition was already there for some time but the owner of the establishment knew about it.
  • The possible dangerous condition was not corrected or addressed by the owner.
  • The owner of the establishment made the dangerous condition through carelessness.

The victims of accidents are advised to hire the services of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Through them, they can collect damages awards to treat their injuries or to pay for the losses that the injury had made.