Thursday, May 9, 2013

Drinking and Driving: A Deadly Concoction

Drinking and Driving: A Deadly Concoction

Driving is such a great experience one can have. Being able to go where you want to go using a vehicle is such a great feeling that not a lot of people would be able to feel. While there are a lot of people who’d rather be just a passenger, there are a few that wants to feel that wonderful sensation of operating a vehicle.

Drinking is also one thing that most people do to unwind. Alcohol gives one a great feeling, helping you let loose and unwind. People with problems are given the courage to let things out of him or her, lightening up one’s burden. Also, alcohol can be a great catalyst for fun times. However, too much alcohol can cause undesirable things that one person may regret.

As the old adage once said, “you can’t have everything in life”. This has never been truer with drinking and driving. Both are fun to do but combining them can be real deadly. If you have been drinking, your reflexes slow down which also affects your reaction time. Driving, as you very well know need fast reflexes as anything can happen on the road. If you wouldn’t be able to react properly and avoid road hazards, things can turn our badly.

Accidents caused by driving under the influence have been causing damage to property and worse, injuries or loss of lives. Now why would anybody want to risk that all for a night of fun? Why would anybody rush to go home when he or she believes that he or she will be having a hard time driving themselves home as they are really drunk?

That is why law enforcers have been really strict about the implementation of DUI laws. Recently, a woman from Ventura has been arrested after engaging the police on a pursuit. The woman was pulled over for an equipment violation on her vehicle. She did not stop and have just let a male passenger out on a corner. Then she led police officers to a chase. She eventually stopped and this is when she was discovered to be drunk.

Imagine what could have happened if she was not apprehended by the police? A Los Angeles personal injury attorney has advised that drivers who have been drinking should keep their hands off the wheel and just wait until they are sober. By doing so, one can avoid getting apprehended and all the hassles that go with drunk driving. So for your safety and others on the road, just don’t drink and drive.

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