Friday, March 30, 2012

Dont's in Dealing with Dogs

Dont's in Dealing with Dogs
Animal attacks, compared to vehicle crashes, occur less frequently. Nonetheless, when they do happen, the victim usually suffers grave injuries that leave him or her with ugly scars.

There are many ways to prevent being attacked by animals, especially dogs. To add to the knowledge of individuals in avoiding aggressive dog behavior, consider the following:

Do not approach a sick or injured dog. Like humans, dogs do not feel well when they are sick or injured. Hence, humans should never abruptly come near an ill dog because chances are high that the latter will exhibit aggressive behavior. The dog may misinterpret human’s intention to cuddle and care for it. 

Do not get inside the dog’s territory. Dogs are territorial animals; hence, humans should be extremely cautious when   going inside the home of someone who has dogs that roam freely. Moreover, dogs are likely to protect their “pack”, or those that they consider as part of their family. It may be a fellow dog, another animal, or human.

Do not intervene in a dogfight. Getting in the middle of fighting dogs is a very bad decision some unsuspecting people make. Many owners were seriously injured in the past while trying to restrain their pets involved in a dog brawl.

Do not snatch the dog’s water or food while it’s eating. Hungry or thirsty dogs have greater possibility to bite, which is why humans should never interrupt dogs while eating.
Do not play too much with a dog – Dogs become more aggressive when they exert a lot of effort even though playing. Their uncontrollable energy may result in biting.

Prey instinct. Wolves are dogs’ ancestors; and, it is known among dog experts that running away from these animals meant being a prey. For them, running away is a sign of weakness—they are likely to chase the running “prey”, be it human or an animal, and then attack them.

Body movements that are threats to dogs. Do not lean towards or look near a dog’s snout, since it is a sign of challenge. Another is staring directly at the dogs’ eyes. Doing any of these may send a wrong signal to any dog, and may lead to an attack.

Dog attacks usually happen at highly populated and urban parts of Los Angeles. If you were bitten by a dog and you would like to press charges against the dog owner, you should seek help from injury lawyers in Los Angeles specializing in dog bite cases. You might also receive compensation from the defendant once you prove his or her liability.