Thursday, June 14, 2012

Growing Number of Distracted Driving Fatalities

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is considered a major reason for numerous deaths in the United States. This prompted the government to launch a website that solely tackles this worsening problem. It is called and one of its goals is to alleviate the country’s problem on preventable driver, pedestrian, and passenger deaths.
 According to this site, this present year, at the onset of 2012, about 3,000 citizens have been killed due to distracted driving. California was named as the state with the most number of fatalities, which was at about 3,081 just in the year 2009.

To state a clear and understandable premise, distracted driving takes place when the driver of the vehicle tries to do two things at once. An example is texting while driving. Many people are guilty of doing this, not to mention grooming or reading while still behind the wheel. Distraction is also described as when the attention of the driver is divided. A driver may not be doing anything but his or her thoughts may be far from driving the automobile. 

Citizens of the United States must realize that they are the ones highly at risk if they continue certain actions within their vehicles that could lead to crashes. Americans must know and understand that many children have died due to reckless motorist actions. These innocent lives were wasted because people failed to follow clear guidelines that have long been set. Every day, about 700 children get injured which, if added, could reach 250,000 child casualties in a year. 

Moreover, the injuries that could be acquired from these accidents are often severe. Two examples of these include the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Both of these ailments attack the nervous system of the victim and in worst cases, these causes paralysis.

It is possible that the patient would need expensive treatment because of his or her ailment. Therefore, it would be helpful for such people to get the services of a Los Angeles injury attorney if the mishap takes place in California. This person would do his or her best to get an ample amount of damages awards that could be in turn used by the patient to fund the high costs of treatment.