Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Five Tips to Consider When Taking Your Dog to Work

The “Take Your Dog to Work Day” is an annual occasion that happens every Friday following Father’s Day. First celebrated in 1999, this was established “to celebrate the great companions dog make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and breed rescue clubs.” One way to promote human-canine relationship is by encouraging employers to support this yearly event.

Although this year’s event have already taken place last June 21, this does not mean employers all over the country cannot allow their workers to bring their dogs in the workplace. As many dog lovers would say, everyday is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

If few of your fellow dog lovers in the office have already planned a specific day where you can all bring your pets, here are some tips to consider in order for your own “Take Your Dog to Work Day” to be successful:

·         You don’t want to turn off some of your co-workers when your dog suddenly does a no. 1 or a no. 2, especially in an enclosed area like your office. Always remember to take care of your pet’s bathroom needs before you go to work and during certain periods of the day.

·        Just because you love your dog to death does not mean all of your co-workers will feel the same way. Be considerate of other co-workers who are trying to concentrate on their work. Let them come to you and admire your pet, not the other way around.

·     Before bringing your dog to your office, make sure to check with your other co-workers near your desk if they are allergic to canines. You wouldn’t want them to be experiencing asthma symptoms and rashes.

·      Make the necessary cleanup in your work area where your dog can comfortably stay. Any loose wires must be removed or organized. Any clutter above or under your desk must be deal with accordingly. If your pet is still a puppy, avoid having it chew on anything around your work area by bringing its favorite chew toy.

·       Bring something comfortable for your dog to rest, like a crate with a blanket or a makeshift bed. Also, keep water and healthy dog treats handy in case your dog becomes thirsty or hungry.

·     Your employer is kind enough to let you and your other co-workers bring your pets in the office. Pay equal attention to your job duties as much as you do to your pet.

·        Lastly, have fun. Having your dog in your office is said to boost creativity and helps you get along with other people better.

Taking your dog to work is definitely an experience to cherish. However, there could be an instance in which your pet might become too agitated that it might bite one of your co-workers. According to an experienced Los angeles personal injury attorney who specializes in dog bites, it is a must that your dog must be well-trained in socializing with other persons and dogs. That way, your dog’s special day in your workplace won’t be ruined.

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