Thursday, April 10, 2014

Surviving After Being Entangled with a Police Car Chase

What could be worse that being caught in an insane traffic jam? Try getting caught in between a deadly police chase. That was what happened to some motorists travelling along the westbound 10 Freeway in Claremont California one weekend. Three cars got involved in a police chase that could got them injured because of a multi-vehicle car crash.

Another TV-worthy Police Chase
According to the authorities, the chase began around 5:30 in the afternoon after receiving a call about a burglary at a store in the 9000 block of Central Avenue. As soon as the officers arrived at the scene, one male suspect that was carrying two large TV sets ran out of the store through a fire exit. He then hopped into a four-door Honda Accord which was driven by a 28-year-old woman. The suspect took the woman for a wild police chase as they headed south on Central Avenue. There were countless times when the officers tried to stop the vehicle but the suspect evaded the blocks and entered the westbound 10 Freeway. The chase went on for a moment before it ended in a four-vehicle crash as they tried to exit at Indian Hill Boulevard. The male suspect was pronounced dead at the scene as he was ejected out of their car, ending up under a white truck which landed on its side. The other suspect was injured and was immediately brought to the hospital as she complained of pain all over her body. The female suspect now faces charges which includes murder.

Victims Caught in Between
Three other people, occupants of the other three cars that the suspects’ car crashed into were also taken to the hospital and were treated for the minor injuries they got because of the crash. The three victims now are recovering from their injuries while losing their cars because of the accident.

Who Can the Victims Sue?
In cases like this, the victims can sue the suspect for the injuries and damage to property caused by the accident. Though a Los Angeles car accident attorney doubts if the suspect can indeed pay the victims for the pain and suffering, as well as the trauma that they have to deal with because of the accident. Good thing they probably have insurance to have those claims covered.