Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lane Splitting The Right Way

Motorcycling has always been referred to as something that’s dangerous, and life-threatening. That is completely understandable as motorcycle accidents has been quite rampant in the state of California and everywhere in the United States. This has caused hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of damage to property. Moreover, hundreds of thousands either get injured, or worse die because of these mishaps. However, what people fail to realize is that riding can also be safe and enjoyable. Riding is not only about those dangers. In fact, what happens to you depends on how you ride your bike and your actuations on the road.

Safe Lane Splitting
Case in point: Lane splitting. This is something that a lot of motorcycle riders do that is seen negatively by car owners. Contrary to what others think, lane splitting is completely legal in the state of California. This is as long as a rider does it in a safe and prudent manner. Lane splitting is the process of riding between lanes of stopped or slower moving vehicles or one rider’s moving between lanes to the front of the queue of vehicles at an intersection stopped by a traffic light. Competent riders can definitely do lane splitting as long as they follow the following general guidelines in doing it.

  • Do not travel at speeds higher than 10 mph faster than other traffic. As a rule of thumb, the faster the speed differential between the lane splitting rider and the traffic, the higher are the chances of accidents as rider will be having less time to identify and react to hazards on the road.
  • Do not lane split if the traffic speeds are at around 30 mph or faster. Basically, higher speeds means bigger risks for all motorists. That is why you should refrain from lane splitting while running at these speeds.
  • Line split only at the first and second leftmost lanes. These are the safest lanes to do lane splitting. However, one should be careful enough not to lane split in areas near freeway on-ramps and exits.
  • Before doing some lane splitting, do consider the width of the lanes, the sizes of vehicles surrounding the lanes, as well as the road situation, weather, and lighting conditions. Finding the perfect lane splitting conditions help make it easier for riders to lane split successfully and safely.
  • Be alert and anticipate. Be very aware of everything that happens around you. This way, you’d be able to anticipate what your next actions are going to be to prevent ending up in an accident.

Knowing how to lane split properly is only half a battle won. In the end, It is the right attitude when lane-splitting: being reasonable and respectful can help ensure your safety while lane splitting. According to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, while lane splitting is not entirely illegal, your attitude while doing it is the one that can get you caught. Irresponsible and recklessness can get you nowhere but in an accident.