Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Safety Reminders for Bicycle Riders in California

Bicycle Riders in California
Biking behavior and lack of awareness on the part of motorized vehicle drivers are seen as the main causes of bicycle accidents. An inappropriate biking behavior is usually depicted by the failure of bicycle riders to wear safety helmets, as well as driving while intoxicated and pedaling at fast speed while on a public road.

On the other hand, lack of awareness on the part of motorists is usually described by their failure to notice other vehicles on the road, including bicycles. Many bicycle collisions happen because of this, wherein a motor vehicle driver recklessly proceeds on a traffic lane and bumps into a bicycle rider. Because of the small frame of the bicycle, it is obvious that it will receive the most damage in the collision with a car.

It is very important for biking enthusiasts to apply safety at all times. The State of California encourages them to follow the traffic regulations imposed by the state government, in ways a normal car or truck driver would.

Since bicycles are regarded as part of the traffic, a observing safety precautions and following traffic regulations will reduce bicycle accidents on the road.

Here are four key safety reminders that bicycle riders must remember and observe to promote safety in California’s main roads:

·         Maintain bicycle control at all times. The bicycle rider’s  control of the bicycle reflects on how it suits perfectly for riding. A bike that is a perfect fit for the rider is characterized by easy steering and pedaling, as well as comfortable seating. Bicycle riders will be able to lengthen the usage of his or her bike if he or she keeps all the parts well-maintained.

·         Wear a bicycle helmet. The bicycle helmet must be worn correctly; fitting it the wrong way won’t be able to provide protection to the head. California traffic laws state that bicycle riders aged 18 and above are required to use helmets at all times.

·         Make the bicycle noticeable for other drivers. Bicycle riders are required to use hand signals whenever they make a turn, slow themselves down, or change lanes. They are also required to install front lamplight's and reflectors on their bicycles’ rear end and back side of the pedals, especially when riding at night.

·         Ride with the traffic. Bicycle riders must use the bicycle lanes whenever possible. If there are no bicycle lanes, they must drive on the right side of the road, but not too close to the sidewalk. More importantly, they must drive their bicycles on the same direction of the traffic. Driving the wrong way can turn to a collision.

If a bicycle rider gets injured because of the negligence of a motorist, it would be smart for him to retain the services of a personal injury attorney Los Angeles. The reputable legal representative must have the experience of handling personal injury cases, particularly bicycle accidents.