Thursday, November 29, 2012

Army Veteran Sues Federal Government for Causing Injury on His Genital

An Army veteran is claiming that the federal government deprived him of his manhood and ability to urinate. Michael D. Nash is a normal Army veteran except that his sex organ was frostbitten and infested by gangrene.

The cause? About 19 hours of being under wraps of ice packs.

Reports said that Nash entered Veterans Administration (VA) hospital to undergo penile implant operation and circumcision. Instead of leaving the hospital safely, he claims that the nurse applied ice packs on his groin for about 19 hours causing his penis to catch frostbite and gangrene and eventually resulting in partial amputation.

As a result of the incident, Nash initially pursued compensation through the Federal Tort Claims Act. Under this civil procedure, people who were wronged by the federal government are allowed to claim for compensations provided that they will not pursue a lawsuit until the claim is resolved.

However, the issue escalated and prompted Nash to file a case in court. He filed a medical malpractice case with the U.S. District Court in Louisville.

According to Nash’s attorney, the VA hospital failed to provide his client with safe medical procedure; thus causing him to suffer a severe medical condition.

"It's about the most blatant medical malpractice error one could make," the attorney said. "It's a senseless tragedy that should never have happened."

The veteran Army’s lawyer also argued that placing ice packs on a patient’s groin for about 19 hours is senseless. "Any doctor who is monitoring the care of their patient is not going to allow someone to have constant treatment with ice ... for more than 2-3 hours."

If this type of incident occurs in California, the doctor who fails to provide his patient with safe and reasonable care can indeed face medical negligence case. The California tort laws require medical practitioners to cope with his medical duties to assure patient’s safety.

Los Angeles patients who were deprived of safe medical treatment as a result of medical negligence should hire a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to claim for monetary relief.