Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Driving Under Certain Conditions in the State of California

Every driver in California must be responsible with themselves while on the road, especially under specific conditions. If the weather is not fine or the sun has gone down, every driver must make certain adjustments to make themselves and other motorists feel comfortable with their driving. Here are some of certain outside conditions and the corresponding adjustments that drivers in California must do:

•    Driving amidst the fog. Drivers must drive slowly, turn the windshield wipers, and use low beam headlights. In a thick fog, it is best to pull off the road for a while. Drivers must wait for the fog to subside until they can see well.

•    Driving in darkness. When driving in the absence of artificial light sources such as lampposts, it is also advised to drive slowly. Drivers cannot see far ahead and they only have little time to step on the brakes for a hazard. When it rains at night, drivers must turn on the low beam headlights.

When driving at night, drivers must be aware of the pedestrians and bicyclists as they are much difficult to see on the road. Also, motorcyclists are hard to see at night because they only have a taillight. It is also important for drivers to know that highway construction happens mostly at night, and that they must proceed slowly when passing through such.

•    Driving under falling rain or snow. Oil and dust that accumulated on the pavements may cause the road to become slippery, especially when it rains or snows. It is important for drivers to proceed slowly and with caution at the first sign of rain, drizzle or snow. Windshield wipers must be turned on, as well as the low-beam headlights and the defroster.

Appropriate driving in these conditions is a must to promote safety. Expert legal representatives such as a Los Angeles car accident attorney warn drivers of disastrous consequences for not following driving adjustments in the midst of darkness, fog, rain or snow.

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