Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 5 Car Crashes Involving Athletes

Athletes are some of the highest-paid people in the world. People excelling in their respective sporting events often get hundreds of thousands, even millions, of contracts from their team or sponsors. Given their high-paying jobs, it is almost automatic for them to own powerful or exotic drives to the envy of many. However, fame, fortune, and fast cars oftentimes don’t mix too well.

Here are top 5 crashes of some of the world’s most famous athletes:

·         Tom Brady’s Audi. Before the start of the 2010 National Football League (NFL) season, the hair-conscious quarterback crashed his Audi sedan where a driver ran a red light.

·         Michael Phelps’ Escalade. The record-breaking champion swimmer figured in an accident with his Cadillac SUV. The driver of the other car was sent in the hospital for minor injuries. He may be the best swimmer that there is, but as a driver? We don’t think so.

·         Usain Bolt’s BMW M3. He has been able run 27 mph perfectly, but for speeds higher than that, he can really be deadly. He lost control of his BMW M3 while on the roads. It’s a bit odd that the fastest man can’t handle an equally fast car well.

·         Tiger Woods’ Escalade. The pro-golfer may be good at making the golf ball go to where he wants it to be, the hole. The same cannot be said though with his 2009 Cadillac. After he pulled out of his driveway, he struck a fire hydrant and a tree. If only he could use his golfing talents to driving.

·         Dennis Rodman’s Range Rover rollover. The basketball star was known for his daredevil drives to save the ball.  The famed Bull might have basketball in mind when he had his Range Rover SUV tumbling upside down. Like in his games, Rodman got away with minimal scratches but his Range Rover is definitely heading the junkyard.

If there’s any lesson that we can get here, that is to drive more carefully. Because unlike these filthy-rich athletes; you may not have enough money to pay for a good Los Angeles car accident attorney to bail you out of charges when similar accidents happen.

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