Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recent Pit Bull Attack Puts Breed in Bad Light…Again

Dogs are still one of the pets that American animal lovers want to have in their homes. These cuddly, fluffy, and playful creatures are really a bundle of joy. However, not all dogs are created alike. Some are nice toy dogs that people can bring around like accessories, while others tend to be more of a companion because of their loyalty and drive for different activities. However, certain dog breeds do not enjoy the general public’s approval, making them unpopular breeds. Case in point: pit bulls.

What are pit bulls?

Pit bulls are pedigree dogs that were bred due to the cross-breeding between bulldogs and terriers. Pit bulls are popular guard dogs as they are big and brawny and are quite powerful. However, the said violent nature of the dog makes it also one of the scariest breed to own. While pit bulls are generally tame, the environment where the dog is exposed does affect their attitude.

Another pit bull, another animal attack incident

Not too long ago, a deputy wanted to contact a probationer. The woman however fled and went to one of the nearby houses. In the aim of the deputy to contact the probation, he went to the house where the probationer went then he was suddenly and viciously attacked by a pit bull. The deputy tried to pacify the dog by using his baton but the dog would not stop and became more violent. For the fear of being bitten, the deputy shot the dog.

Responsible pet ownership

As highlighted by personal injury lawyers, there is a law where pet owners are held responsible for the injuries that their pets may cause others. However, there are still dog owners who fail to adhere to these rules, having their pets end up attacking and hurting people. When this happens, a victim can file for a personal injury claim. According to a Los Angeles attorney, a person that is found guilty of negligence which caused the animal attack may be required to pay damages that cover the pain and suffering that victim experiences as a result of the attack. That is why as a pet owner, you should make sure that you don’t only give your pets food to eat, water to drink, or groom them when needed. You should put your pet and other’s safety on top of your priority by doing anything that you can to prevent your pet from attacking anybody. This way, you don’t only protect the people around you. Most importantly you protect your pet and save yourself from all the stress that an animal attack charge can cause you.

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