Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Pit Bull Attacks

Pit bulls have a reputation of being violent and dangerous. The dogs of this breed got that image because of their tendency to be aggressive. Moreover, being used in dog fights is not helping better the image of pit bulls. What’s worse is that every year, thousands of people get attacked by dogs of this breed. Some receive minor to major injuries while some, unfortunately die. And so something really has to be done in order to tame these dogs and proven them from attacking people.

Deadly aftermath of the attacks

Dog attacks, no matter how small the dog is, are quite dangerous. More than the wounds that one might get, there is also a great chance for the victim to contract rabies because of the attack. Every year, people die because of injuries caused by dog attacks. That is why the government has taken bold steps in trying to prevent incidents of dogs biting and attacking people and made sure that its owners are held accountable for the behavior of their pets.

Recent attacks

While the government efforts are constant, almost every month, new pit bull attacks are recorded by authorities. Just recently in Upland, California, one man and his dog was viciously attacked by a pit bull. The attack was said to have happened in the 1700 block of Partridge Avenue, around night nighttime. Police reports said that a man was walking his Golden Retriever when the pit bull attacked them. While the man sustained minor injuries on his hand, his dog was also said to be hurt after the attack. Authorities reported that the pit bull was taken to animal control and its owner, is going to be charged for vicious dog violation

What should you do if you have been attacked by a pit bull

Protecting yourself is key. First things first, you should protect vital parts of your body like your face and head from the attacking dogs. Secondly, one should try to break away from the dog and do something to send them away. Then, it is best that you seek treatment from a medical practitioner. Finally, seeking the help of a Los Angeles injury lawyer would also be critical. From there, you can file the necessary complaints against the animal attack so you could ask for damages from the dog’s owner to help you recover from your injuries.

While this general conception about dogs is not necessarily accurate, one cannot deny the fact that these animals can really be dangerous. And so, the most important thing that you can do to stay away from them and always try to protect yourself at all times.