Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Car Manufacturers as Possible Defendants in a Car Accident Case

Car Manufacturers as Possible Defendants in a Car Accident Case
Motor vehicle accidents mostly take the bulk of personal injury claims being filed by injured parties in California. As it is with any personal injury claims, injuries and deaths caused by such unfortunate occurrences often stem from the legal theory of negligence. When a person gets injured in a road collision, he or she has the right to claim damages from the person believed to have caused the incident. For the injured party to obtain compensation for the damages incurred in the accident, he or she must have enough proof that the other party was negligent and responsible for what happened.

Indeed, the question of fault is always a certainty when it comes to these claims. Every injured party in most personal injury claims often blame the other driver involved; however, it is not all the time the latter may have contributed to the claiming party’s injuries. As it is, the liable parties do not always involve individuals, but rather entities.

This is why it is important for injured parties to seek a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. That way, the claim can determine who is really at fault for the accident and for the injured party’s damages. The lawyer can take a look at the circumstances of the accident, if it is really the negligence of the other driver that is to blame for the accident or something else.

That something else could be the car manufacturer of the vehicle used before the accident happened. As it is, vehicle or vehiclepart defects can often cause an accident that might not have occurred otherwise. Whether it is a manufacturer o design defect, these are just some of the important vehicle items that could go wrong and may contribute to an accident:

  • Failure of the airbag to perform at the moment the car made an impact with a stationary object or vehicle
  • Failure of the seatbelt to do its job of restraining the driver and/or the passengers of the vehicle
  • Design defect of a vehicle caused it to roll over
  • Failure of the vehicle’s brake system to stop right away
  • Leakage in defective gas tanks or fuel lines, causing a fire or an explosion

Manufacturers of vehicle product parts and the car manufacturers themselves owes a duty to exercise reasonable care towards consumers, in which they must meet regulatory standards in making, designing, and marketing such products  in order to avoid causing an injury. But then, proving such could be difficult, which is why it is imperative for injured parties to consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who specializes in product liability claims.

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