Friday, October 25, 2013

Curbing the Increasing Number of Hit-and-run Accidents

Curbing the Increasing Number of Hit-and-run Accidents
What are the odds of you getting ran over by a vehicle when you are walking down the street? You’d normally think that you are safe because California’s road network is well-engineered and are friendly to pedestrians. However, it will make you wonder how pedestrians get involved in accidents given that California’s roads are pedestrian-friendly.

Hit and run incidents

Every year, thousands of hit-and-run incidents have been recorded in the country. Every year, thousands of people get involved in accidents that have caused injuries, and even death to some. Hit and run incidents are some of the most common causes of injuries and deaths among American pedestrians. Just recently, a pedestrian was struck, and killed in Santa Ana, California. According to authorities, the 88 year old Joseph Rudolph has been run over by a vehicle driven by 33 year old Michael Truong Pham of Garden Grove. Investigators even went to as far as closing sections of some of the roads near where the accident happened to quickly investigate about the incident. They added that there have been nine recorded fatal accidents in 2013; two more than the recorded seven incidents in the area in 2012.

Preventing hit and run incidents

Through the years, the government has been trying their very best to help minimize, if not completely stop hit and run accidents from happening. Different programs including information drive, maintenance work of existing pedestrian walkways, as well as the study of and implementation of better measures to protect pedestrians are just some of the things that the government does. This, they believe would be able to help curb incidences of accidents involving pedestrians. An attorney in Los Angeles believes that these things are not necessarily easy to do. However, he believes that if one person puts their hearts and minds to the task, nothing is impossible. This will help ensure the safety of everybody on the road, including pedestrians.

However, if you unfortunately have been a victim of such accidents, you can always hire the services of the best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles that you can find. They will help you file the necessary complaints to help you recover from the injuries you have sustained, as well as the pain, suffering, and the lost wages that the accident may cause you.

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