Friday, January 10, 2014

What the Victims of Personal Injury in California Should Know

If you are a victim of personal injury in California, you can choose a lawyer from the various law firms providing expert legal assistance. They are distributed all over the counties, and they won’t be difficult to find.

California personal injury lawyers/law firms deal with different types of cases involving harms and damages caused by a any negligent action or inaction. Since personal injury covers a broad scope of civil cases, lawyers may have different expertise on specific areas.

Examples of personal injury cases are professional malpractice claim, construction liability, product liability claims, premise liability claims, vehicular accidents, wrongful death, defamation or libel, and even a simple case of slip and fall injury.

Any injuries incurred because of the intentional or negligent act of another can be considered as a personal injury. To be more precise, personal injuries cover damages done to person, property, rights, and reputation.

California lawyers aim to help victims of personal injury get their rightful compensation and recover damages. They are responsible to handle the legal concerns of their clients who are in dire need of legal assistance.

They function as the:

• Legal representatives of the plaintiffs

• Legal advisers of the plaintiffs

• Authorized individuals responsible in drafting and arranging the necessary legal documents to be submitted in court

• Authorized individuals who are responsible in defending their clients through oral arguments before a judge or jury of the court

Being a victim of personal injury can be very stressful. It carries along a heavy suffering of repairing damages and recovering from the injuries. It also brings about loss of money, loss of property, and worse of all, loss of life.

The residents of California won’t have to worry in dealing with personal injury cases with regards to taking legal action. They have the expert lawyers of personal injury whom they can turn to when they decide to sue the negligent party who is accountable with the injuries and damages they have sustained.

Now, what damages can be collected by the victims under California law?

• Hospital expenses

• Loss of probable earnings

• Burial costs

• Costs of lawsuit

• Costs of therapy, surgery, and treatment

• Loss of property

• Costs of repair or replacement

• Costs of acquiring alternative household services

• Loss of employment

• Loss of business or employment opportunities

• Mental distress

• Emotional pain and suffering

Damages also include subjective monetary losses - also called non-economic damages – which pertain to the loss of intangible assets, such as loss of love, loss of guidance, loss of companionship, loss of society, etc.

The damages that an injured victim shall be entitled to, will depend upon the case or incident to which he/she suffered from. With a help from a resourceful lawyer/law firm, a victim can collect damages to the optimum amount.

Presentation of sufficient evidence and strong testimonies are essential to win a personal injury claim in court. Acquiring good legal assistance from an expert California personal injury lawyer/law firm will definitely guarantee a victim better chances of gaining a successful verdict.

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