Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Construction Accident Halts Freeways 405 and 605’s Operations

In the construction industry, the safety not just of the workers but the general public is of paramount importance. Preventing construction accidents should never be left to chance. This mantra shows in the equipment they use, the safety gear they wear, and the policies that are being implemented in their sites. However, accidents, as cliché-sounding as it may seem, happens when you least expect it to happen. Such is what happened in a construction site along Seal Beach in California.

Beams Falling
The 405 and 605 Freeways were closed in Seal Beach as a construction accident caused injuries to two Caltrans workers. Reports revealed that three of the steel beams in the construction area, which are about 130 feet long and weighs around 60,000 pounds each, fell onto the southbound lanes of the 405 Freeway. These beams fell from a new connector that is set to link the 605 and 405 Freeways.

Aftermath of the Accident
One of the workers feel 25 feet and sustained injuries. He was immediately brought to the Long Beach Memorial medical Center. The man, who is in his 50s was awake and able to talk. Initial findings reveal that he is experiencing pain in his legs and suffered a head injury. Another worker, a 47-year-old man was said to be struck by one of the beams. The man who was standing on a ledge did not fall after being struck by the beam. He was still taken to the hospital and is now in moderate condition.

Because of the accident, both the north and southbound lanes of the 405 Freeway were temporarily closed. This was needed as large equipment that is used to clear the site have occupied both lanes. The north and southbound lanes of the freeway were later on reopened after the clearing operations.

In the nature of this business, construction company clarified that these are just isolated cases and that the public shouldn’t really worry that much. However, a Los Angeles construction accident attorney reminds these companies to further exercise caution while working on their projects. More importantly he suggested that these companies come up with better planning to further prevent such mishaps from happening. He also reminded these companies of their responsibility to extend compensation not just to the civilian victims of the accidents but as well as to their injured workers.

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