Friday, July 11, 2014

Hero in a Pick-up Truck

We’ve always believes that heroes have to be mythical characters with great superpowers to be able to save people from harm. Well, this story might just prove it all wrong. In fact a hero could be a regular, pick-up truck driving Joe. In Utah, the Syracuse Police are pursuing a 14-year-old made that have taken the car he was driving from his grandfather in Duchesne County. The teen driver was in danger of running over the kids as he was trying to evade the authorities.

Hero in a Pick-up Truck
Bryson Rowley was driving his pick-up truck on a regular day. He got the surprise of his life when he saw a car running wildly. He saw that his and others’ kids in the park were in danger of getting run over by the fleeing vehicle. Bryson, made a quick, unexpected decision. Using his truck as a ram rod, he stopped the fleeing vehicle. The car struck his truck, causing great damage to the car, and injuries to the car’s driver and even to Bryson.

Hero Shrugs Off Accolades
Bryson, who declined to be photographed, has just shrugged the praises he has been getting. He said that he just acted to end the car chase for fears of the safety of his and other children playing at the park. His truck got damaged because of the car crash but he would do the exact same thing all over should it happen again.

The Aftermath
The teen driver of the car being pursued was brought to the nearest juvenile detention center. For the Rowley couple are still thinking about how they could get their truck fixed. A Los Angeles car accident attorney weighs in on what happened. He said that the couple could file a car accident claim from the insurance company of their car. He said that the suspect’s parents should shoulder the expenses for the repair of the truck as their teenage child was the real cause of the accident.

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We can always surprise ourselves with how selfless we can be in our aim to keep others safe from harm. Here’s to hoping though that more and more people emulate what Bryson did. He threw everything on the line, even his own life just to save innocent children from injuries and even death. Now who needs colorful costumes and super gadgets to save a life? Apparently for Bryson, regular clothes and a pick-up truck is all he needed to be a hero.